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I just received my first order and I am actually afraid to open them since I may not be able to stop myself from eating the whole thing!

K Falk

Our Biltong delivered yesterday and now "I" have an issue... "We" Love Them!! This means I'll have to learn a new-life skill that has never appealed to me. Sharing! :-P

P Hamm

This stuff is Absolutely Amazing, which is what I've come to expect from this Brand!

Black Sheep Keto

Select Savory Seasonings

Select Savory Seasonings


My order just arrived and had a taste, Friggin' Awesome!

J Clark

This was Really Good Stuff! Perfect snack for the boys at the beach. Kind of like jerky but Way more soft and tender.

C Emmerich

Impressed! It's not as salty as jerky and definitely much cleaner without all the extra garbage ingredients. The only criticism the boys had, "there should be more"!

T Holbert